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Vision United What?

Vision United World. What was the name of it again? What’s she talking about? An organisation that strives to unite the world in peace, fights for equality, fair opportunities, food and shelter for all, for a sustainable use of our planet’s resources, freedom for all and non-violent and respectful treatment of other people in all cultures and all nations?

That’s just Utopian! Doesn’t she have any realistic goals? Goals which you can advertise and make money from? Or she could at least change the name. To a name that isn’t so…great. One that’s smaller, much, much smaller. And can we please leave out all of these utopian topics?

These are the responses I have sometimes observed in other peoples’ eyes and words when we get around to speaking about this organisation. But there were also other reactions: Genuine interest, inspiring conversations, supportive words, respectful questions and comments and fantastic ideas. My sincere thanks to you for your open ears and open hearts!! Hats off to you!

Only thoughts that are allowed to be thought can be implemented

Why should it seem too great for us to believe in a free, united, equal, peaceful world, in a world with fair opportunities for all? Why should this type of benevolent goal provoke unpleasant feelings in us or seem unachievable? Do those people who plan wars because it’s possible to make enormous amounts of money from this feel unease, or does the thought of a world of exploitation, fear and terror seem too great to them? This doesn’t seem to be the case.

So why should we think small if our thoughts shape our reality? Can a house ever be built which has never been thought up, did ever a work of art exist which wasn’t an idea that had been approved, was ever a song composed when its notes were suppressed?

The answer is that many houses were not built because they were never thought up in the first place, works of art did not exist because they were not fully dreamt up and songs never reached the human ear because their melody in the heart was unable to find its way out to provoke exhilarating feelings in the hearts of other people.

If we don’t even allow ourselves to contemplate the thought of a peaceful world united in freedom and dignity, how is this ever supposed to become a reality?

We are heroes

Weren’t all the great goals of humanity which have ever been achieved falsely written off as Utopian?

Anything that has substance and is sustainable needs time to grow, to unfold. It also needs many hands to build it collectively. The time of individual heroes has passed – we are all heroes. It is simply a choice that we make. Which choice will you make?

And what is our shared choice?

If we continue making the same choice in terms of how we treat the planet and each other throughout the world, the system of our planet will also make a choice not to be destroyed and it is very unlikely that we would like this choice. The systems of the Earth are based on functionality, adaptation and preservation. If we continue to compromise its functionality, it will adapt and switch into preservation mode.

Can we really carry on telling ourselves that it is possible to enjoy prosperity whilst countless people have no welfare at all? Let us allow former Turkish President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who died in 1938 to answer this question:

“Today all the nations in the world have become or are becoming like relatives. In this respect, people should consider the peace and welfare of the nations in the world as well as the existence and happiness of their own nation…. It is necessary to consider all the human beings as one body and each nation as a part of this body.”

Our planet is a fascinating wonder in the universe – full of resources, diversity and mystery. We do not own this planet, its resources or its forms of life. We are simply stewards of what we have found on the planet. Let us be stewards who safeguard and strengthen all forms of life and conserve and enhance this for generations to come.

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