Our Work

We operate according to the Pareto principle - using targeted means to achieve a substantial impact.

Providing information and raising awareness

We will report regularly on new developments in the form of blog articles and podcasts, we will also conduct interviews with subject specialists and generalists to share new insights, provide new impetus and to open up new perspectives. Additionally, we will organise events related to specific topics where participants can network, exchange experiences and learn from one another.

Cooperation with experts and visionaries from different specialist disciplines

We will cooperate with experts and visionaries from different disciplines using the tools of progressive thinking and advanced technology to shape the future of the planet, its people and all forms of life in a conducive manner.

Projects in schools and universities

We will set up and lead progressive projects in schools and universities to better prepare the next generations for the great challenges they face in an increasingly digitised world. We will also strive in the long term for an education revolution to ensure that younger generations are better adept to face current and future demands by boosting their self-respect, their creativity, their independent thinking etc. and to inspire these generations to think holistically.
Our goals Manifesto VUW