Our Goals

We think big, since only thoughts that are allowed to be thought can be implemented.

Raising public awareness of artificial intelligence and ethics

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are developing rapidly and will drastically change all our living and working environments in the next 5-10 years. At Vision United World (VUW), we recognise the importance of informing and teaching the public about new developments in AI to ensure that it is not only a small circle of experts steering a technological development that will have an impact on everyone, but that instead the public is able to have a democratic and ethical influence on AI development.

Increasing human intelligence and expanding human consciousness

Algorithms already exist which are able to adapt themselves, which is resulting in experts no longer being able to understand their coding, as is the case on the stock market, for instance. Ongoing AI development is placing increasing amounts of responsibility in the hands of technology. In the long term we will no longer be able to understand this technology and thus no longer be able to control this if we do not invest more in human intelligence and our consciousness (being consciously aware). Our main goal at VUW is to increase human intelligence and expand human consciousness.

Establishing an open platform for discussion and cooperation

VUW believes that the challenges of today and tomorrow can only be met in democratic dialogue with one another and in collaborative cooperation. We place great emphasis on working with both AI experts and experts in the field of ethics and interlinking both disciplines. We also want to provide an open platform for different professional disciplines such as science, technology, psychology, philosophy, education, law, industry, politics etc.

Promoting a holistic way of thinking

The laws of nature and nature’s systems (physical, biological, economic etc.) show that all things form one entity and should be perceived in their properties as a whole and not just as a collection of their parts. This means that individual thought and actions have a collective and global impact and global impacts have an influence on the individual. For all people to live in freedom, peace and dignity it is fundamental that we interact holistically, respectfully and responsibly with nature and other people. We are therefore committed to promoting holism.