The consciousness of a society can be measured by the way it treats its underprivileged and weakest people. The rise of artificial intelligence requires us to view the challenges of the present and the future in a new light.

  1. We perceive every human being as special and in the possession of a unique potential.
  2. Nature and humans are interdependent and are perceived as a unity. We approach every form of life with respect and responsibility.
  3. Every human being is entitled to an affordable shelter, access to health care and equal education and promotion opportunities.
  4. All women around the world have the same rights as men.
  5. Communication is nonviolent, especially in the case of conflict.
  6. Tax revenue spent on the arms industry anywhere in the world should be spent on education, health care and the support of the poorest people on the planet.
  7. There is a responsible balance between ecology, technology, science, industry, politics and religion.
  8. There are enough resources in the world and they should thus be distributed equally and fairly and used sustainably.
  9. The current challenges facing humanity cannot be solved by philosophies and theologies that teach exclusivity and exclusion. We thus strive for an ethics of solidarity and cohesion.
  10. Every human being should be able to develop freely, independent of ethnic group, gender, nationality, religious belief or sexual preference, as long as their behaviour does not compromise the freedom and safety of others.

Our work