Keynote speaker for human/artificial intelligence and ethics

Lolita Maria Aufmuth

The future of Artificial Intelligence has arrived. We are surrounded by it and it’s already shaping our future. It’s not science fiction, we can’t ignore it and it won’t go away. It requires conscious debate. AI will not only completely change the living and working environment of all people, AI also forces us to consider what it means to be human, what our values are and what ethical standards we follow.

Speech topics:

• What is Artificial Intelligence?
• Possibilities and risks of AI for humankind
• Why do we need ethics for electrons?
• What are the obvious-risks and the non-obvious risks for human kind when it comes to AI?
• Who is responsible for the consequences of AI’s actions?
• How can we find a balance between ethics and technology?
• Which norms and whose values hold here?
• What does it mean to be a human being in the age of AI?
• What core skills are needed to master the digital age?
• Diversity & Artificial Intelligence
• Landscape of human competence & AI skills
• A model to deal with ethics for big data and analytics
• Similarities and differences between AI and human intelligence

Keynote speeches given by Lolita Maria Aufmuth do not contain black and white thinking and do not involve any one-dimensional perspectives.

A tailor-made keynote speech on human/artificial intelligence and ethics

Once we are in contact about your event I would need as much information and as many details as possible about the event itself. How informed are listeners already on the chosen topic? What is the aim of your event? Which problems and “needs” does the audience have with regard to AI? I will then develop an interactive and engaging speech based on this information.

A keynote speech drawn up with your entire event programme in mind!

Are other talks also planned? Will there be workshops or trainings? My aim is to shape my keynote to fit in with your event as a whole, giving the audience as much input as possible. I would therefore be very grateful for any other information on the content of the event and other speeches.

As well as the classic keynote format I also offer interactive dialogue-based talks, short talks and live-streams.

Keynote speeches already held:

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence at the Digital Transformation Forum, organised by SIBB e. V., Fraunhofer Institut Berlin and HDI (in English)

Why Artificial Intelligence is unthinkable without diversity at Stromnetz Berlin, organised by Vattenfall Diversity Network (in German)

Panel discussion:

Career ladder without rungs – Are there any exciting careers beyond the classic ladder? at InfraLab Berlin, organised by EWMD Deutschland e. V. (in German)