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#1 Interview with Jay Tuck: Opportunities and Threats of Artificial Intelligence

Jay Tuck

Jay Tuck’s biography is just spectacular. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York, worked in radio, in German TV for 35 years, was an investigative journalist and a war correspondent in two Gulf wars (1991 & 2002). He reported from Saudi Arabia, post-war Iraq and traveled with the first convoy into liberated Kuwait, facing hostile fire repeatedly.

Today he is an author, a keynote speaker and founder and CEO of Airtime Dubai, an international media company. He also produces a technology magazine for Al Jazeera.

For his book “Evolution without us” he talked to drone pilots in Germany and the USA as well as to countless AI experts. His book “Evolution ohne uns: Wird uns künstliche Intelligenz töten” has been published in German and will be published soon in Chinese as well.

Jay also gave a Ted Talk on AI in 2017 which I highly recommend watching.

In my interview with Jay Tuck we talk about the opportunities and threats of Artificial Intelligence and what AI is already capable of. We also cover topics like how AI is already influencing our daily lives, the society, the stock market, the military, jobs of high educated people etc.

I hope you enjoy listening to this interview as much as I enjoyed recording it.


Learn more about Jay Tuck and his work:

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Jay Tuck’s Ted Talk on Artificial Intelligence

Jay Tuck – Evolution ohne uns: Wird künstliche Intelligenz uns töten?

8 Replies to “Interview with Jay Tuck: Opportunities and Threats of Artificial Intelligence”

  1. A fascinating interview, thank-you.
    I have to admit, I found the interviewer highly distracting however. The ‘mmmmm’ she would ‘add’ to the conversation every few moments became so irritating I found myself switching off and having to come back later to listen to the second half.

    1. Thank you for your constructive feedback, Sarah! Glad you came back and listened to the end. Would have been a pity if not. Yeah, I found my mmmmm’s during the editing process not optimal as well 😉 But then again, the aim of the podcast is to be authentic not perfect. Nevertheless, I’ll definitely consider your feedback for the upcoming interviews. 🙂

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