Lolita Maria Aufmuth

Founder and CEO of Vision United World, blogger, podcaster and international keynote speaker for human/artificial intelligence & ethics

I was born in 1980 in Romania as a German citizen. My parents fled the country during the Ceaușescu dictatorship in the year 1989 and brought my brother and I over to Germany several month later in 1990. Foto von Lolita Aufmuth

Having spent 9 years of my childhood in the 1980s under the Nicolae Ceaușescu dictatorship in Romania, I experienced first-hand what it means when our freedom is hugely restricted, when peace is nothing but repression of the people, when the people are deprived of their own country’s resources resulting in corruption and poverty, and when human dignity descends into insignificance.

At the same time, I have been lucky enough to learn that people from many different countries could live alongside each other in peace, supporting and enriching one another. This also had a great impact on me.

I have 13 years’ professional experience in business, I studied direction and editing at a film school, completed a training course as a certified coach and set up my own coaching business in 2016 under the company name Coaching Creatio.

In my coaching capacity I support other people in finding a way of life which is based on self-awareness, self-esteem and self-design. In parallel I regularly take part in courses to further expand my knowledge on human consciousness and subconsciousness. I have also been working with publicly funded educational bodies in Berlin since 2018 to support the unemployed and migrants as a coach.

I see technology as a precious gift to humanity. But in 2016 it struck me that, unless we follow a conscious approach, advanced technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, will not lead to progress but have the potential to unleash demise, deterioration and captivity to a degree we have never experienced.

In 2017 I founded the international, independent NGO Vision United World. The organisation is committed to expanding human consciousness and to creating artificial intelligence in harmony with human ethics in order to create a unified world in freedom, peace and dignity for all.

As part of my work at Vision United World, I also give talks as a keynote speaker at international events on the topic of human/artificial intelligence and ethics.

In my view, it will be vital for us to understand how to handle intelligent technology and how to revolutionise human education if we are to shape a world based on freedom, peace and dignity for all.