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Interview with Bernd Kolb: Higher Consciousness in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

If you want to get ready for the future, this interview is a must listen and an episode you definitely don’t want to miss. The visionary entrepreneur and speaker Bernd Kolb understands both the nature of the internet and of humans.

Bernd Kolb began his career as a teenager as a punk musician, he then became known as an internet pioneer, was awarded the German entrepreneur of the Year award in 1989, worked as a board member for innovation at Deutsche Telekom, founded the Club of Marrakesh (a platform for promoting sustainability in society), he has received many international awards, he travelled the world and talked to global leaders in politics and business in order to promote sustainability and, last but not least, he embarked on a journey through Asia with the intention of finding wisdom, but what he has found was beyond his imagination.

What can you expect in this episode? During the first hour (yes, indeed, this interview is about 1,5 hours long and worth every second :), Bernd will share with us his experiences from his diverse background in multiple positions and why he decided to start on his journey to wisdom and to what conclusions this journey has led him.

After that we will also touch upon questions like:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • What are the similarities and differences between Human Nature and Artificial Intelligence?
  • Are we humans in a competition with AI?
  • Why is it essential to raise our consciousness in order to cope with AI?
  • And you will also experience how a word of advice from Master Yoda from the Star Wars saga can help change your entire life

… and much, much more.

Happy & Conscious Listening!


Learn more about Bernd Kolb and his work:

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2 Antworten auf „Interview with Bernd Kolb: Higher Consciousness in the Age of Artificial Intelligence“

  1. Extremely honest information on man, his mind, and society, throughout the world and how it is shaping our future. Very enjoyable listen. I just finished this podcast and I ended up on this site after searching google for more of his work. I’m eager to hear more.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment and for sharing your thoughts! I am very glad you enjoyed listening to the interview with Bernd Kolb. Indeed, the information and experiences, which he shares so generously and honestly in the interview, are priceless.
      More podcast episodes with exciting experts are in progress and will be online soon.

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