The world’s future depends to a very great extent on raising our consciousness in order to successfully steer and manage the challenges ahead of us. Simultaneously, artificial intelligence is developing rapidly, which on the one hand offers new and great possibilities but on the other hand requires much more public awareness and democratic and ethical regulation.

Vision United World is a non-profit organisation which is committed to expanding human consciousness and to creating artificial intelligence in harmony with human ethics in order to create a unified world in freedom, peace and dignity for all.

“Vision United World, a new NGO, has set for itself the ambitious task of assuring that a broad public has a democratic and ethical influence on crucial AI development. I support these goals and wish them all the success in their endeaver!” Jay Tuck, Journalist, War Correspondent and Author (“Evolution Without Us”)

Coming in February 2018

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“Freedom is when the only thing you do is stare at your phone”

What is freedom? What does freedom mean to you? These are existential questions that we don’t always …

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Using the hidden intelligence and power in our feelings

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”, the great physicist Albert …

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Photo Dr. Demis Hassabis

Two people everyone should know

In a sense,  you could call these two people “The Albert Einsteins of the present”. It is …

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